Evgeny Shchepin


Was born on October, 10th, 1951 in settlement Ashukinsky Pushkin area of Moscow Region in a family of mathematics teachers. In 1966 has arrived in the Kolmogorovsky boarding school № 18 which with a silver medal has ended in 1968. Upon termination of a boarding school has arrived on mehaniko-mathematical faculty of the Moscow State University which has with distinction ended in 1973. Has begun independent scientific work at the first year of mehmat in a seminar on a management of academician Pavel Sergeevicha Aleksandrova. Upon termination of university has been accepted in postgraduate study on chair of the higher geometry and topology (the supervisor of studies – the academician P.S. Aleksandrov) which ahead of schedule (in 1975) has finished.

Having presented the dissertation. Has been left by the assistant on chair, in which qualityhas worked only one academic year. In March, 1977 has been employed in Steklov Mathematical institute in which works on the present on the rate of the leading research assistant of department of geometry and topology.

The first cycle of scientific works of Shchepina is devoted to general topology. For these works (the spectral theorem of a homeomorphism) in 1976 Shchepin has been awarded awards of the Moscow Mathematical society for young mathematicians.

In 1977 it had been protected the master's thesis on a theme “the real functions and the spaces close to normal”, and in 1979 – doctor's on a theme “the Method of inverse spectra in topology of bicompacta”. After protection doctor's thesis Shchepin is switched with the general to geometrical topology. His seminar on geometrical topology has in the eighties brought up a number of the geometrical topologists which most outstanding representative is A.N.Dranishnikov, who solved the basic problem of the theory of dimension of that time (CE- problem) and has given a rebirth of the homological theory of dimension of P.S. Aleksandroff. In 90th years Shchepin actively cooperates with Dranishnikov, publishing a series of teamwork (at participation of D. Repovsh) under the theory of the dimension, containing decisions of some known problems of the theory of dimension. Crowns a cycle of Shchepin’s works on the of dimension theory article “Arithmetics of the theory of dimension” (Russian Mathematical Survays, 1998), entering essentially new algebraic structure (biadditive lattice) describing the duality dimension-connectivity.

In 90-years Shchepin starts to be interested in mathematics applications. He invents a topological code for plane images (PRS-CODE) on which basis the program of optical recognition of symbols CRIPT has been developed. In 90th years it with coauthors – developers of this program (G.M. Nepomnyaschy, V.M. Kljatskin) had been published a cycle of articles on pattern recognition.

In 1998-2000 Shchepin works in Mexico. At this time it actively cooperates with the Georgian mathematician N.Vakhania in the theory of schedules. A result of this cooperation is the ten articles under the theory of the schedules published in 2000th years.

With 1986 for 1998 Shchepin teaches the mathematical analysis in the Kolmogorovsky boarding school. In this connection its scientific interests also are displaced towards the analysis.

At the Moscow conference of 2003 devoted to century of Kolmogorov, he reports the new results on a coordination of various analytical ways of summation of divergent series. Later it enters concept of the greedy sum of a disorder numeric array and proves the theorem of multiplication of the greedy sums. These results of Shchepin have led to its election in 2011 a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Last years curve Peano have got to area of scientific interests of Shchepin. These subjects are closely connected with Computer Science. In a series of articles of Shchepin and his student K.Bauman the theory allowing on the basis of computer calculations to do the strict mathematical conclusions is developed.

After returning from Mexico Shchepin comes back to teaching work.

In the autumn of 2001 he reads rather original, in the spirit of Euler, an analysis course in Sweden to the best first-year students (UppsalaLecturesonCalculus) which has been published subsequently on the Internet.

In 2002 comes back in the Kolmogorov boarding school, at first to chair of computer science,

And couple of years later on mathematics chair where continues teaching of the mathematical analysis. Besides with 2003 for 2008 he teaches the analysis at the Moscow City Psihologo- pedagogical University, running in the revolutionary course of the analysis on weak students.

Since 2007 Shchepin works at School of the Data Analysis of Yandex where reads two courses : «the Computing theory of interpolation and the theory of schedules» in an autumn semester and «the Theory of the information and pattern recognition» in a spring semester.

Since 2008, Shchepin also works in Yandex as the scientific adviser in group of developers of department of advertizing technologies. Decisions of practical problems of this department have led Shchepin to opening of some theoretical positions stated by it in lectures for students SDA on which basis the monography of Shchepin and Vereschagin under the information theory during the current year has been published.