In Delone Laboratory we have several research projects in different fields of discrete and computational geometry and topology and applications. Both research groups and separate scientists conduct their investigations in our lab.

Research groups

Roman Karasev group “Computational and applied topology”;

Vladimir Bondarenko group “Polyhedral combinatorics”;

Nikolai Dolbilin group “Discrete geometry and geometry of numbers”;

Vladimir Dol'nikov group “Graph theory”;

Sergey Glyzin group “Non-linear dynamics”;

Alexander Ivanov group “Optimal networks”;

Oleg Musin group “Sphere packings”;

Victor Buchstaber group “Toric topology and applications”.

Alexander Maksimenko group “Processing of endoscopic images”.

Also we have a group of under-graduated and post-graduated students of Yaroslavl State University who study different methods and problems of discrete geometry and topology.


Research problems

We would like to present you several research problems connected with laboratory research. These problems could be interesting not only to discrete geometry experts but also for anybody who is interested in mathematics.