H. Edelsbrunner, “Concluding talk”.

H. Edelsbrunner, lecture course “Introduction to Computational Geometry and Topology”.
O. Musin, lecture course “Sphere Packings”.
N. Dolbilin, lecture course Introduction to the Theory of Periodic Coverings and Tilings.
S. Matveev, lecture course “Computer Tabulation of 3-manifolds”.
A. Ivanov, lecture course “Optimal Networks”.
I. Pak, lecture course “Triangulations of Convex Polytopes”.
V. Bondarenko, lecture course “Graphs of Polytopes and Polytopes of Problems”.
V. Volodin, lecture course “Combinatorics of Simple Polytopes”.
M. Machin, lecture course “Geometric Problems in Endoscopy”.
V. Dolnikov, lecture course «On Kneser's Problems».
R. Karasev, lecture course “The Borsuk-Ulam Theorem and Measures Partition”.
M. Kerber, lecture course “Robust Geometric Computations”.
N. Andreev, lecture course «Mathematical Etudes».

H. Edelsbrunner, “Which Convex Bodies Are Most Chiral”.
O. Musin, “The Thirteen Spheres Problem”.
T. Samsonov, “Geometric Methods in Cartographic Generalization”.
N. Dolbilin, “Local and Global Approaches to the Crystallographic Structure”.
G. Ivanov, “Deviation of the Convex Hull”.
N. Strelkova, “Minimal Networks on Convex Polyhedra”.
B. T. Fasy, “Metrics on Persistence Diagrams”.
A. Magazinov, “Voronoi Conjecture for a Special Class of Parallelohedra”.
B. Wang, “Elevation, Protein Docking and Gauss Map”.
G. Chelokov, “Some combinatorial inequalities about defining a periodic word by a system of forbidden subwords”.
V. Fokin, “Stability of Voronoi Diagram in Euclidean Plane”.
V. Manturov, “Graph-valued quantum invariants of virtual knots”.
E. Bannai, “On Spherical Designs”.
J. Phillips, “Computational Geometry on Uncertain Data”.