Alexey Ukhalov


1991 — Graduated from Mathematical Department of Yaroslavl State University.

1997 — PhD in Mathematics, thesis “Investigation of a Problem of Existence and Stability of Almost Periodic Oscillations in Nonlinear System with Small Parameter”, scientific advisor Vladimir Burd.

1999 — Asossiate professor, Department of Mathematics, Yaroslavl State University.

Lectures in Mathematical Analysis, Asymptotic Methods and Discrete operational calculus, Informatics Technologies (Programming, OpenGL, DHTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL).

1997-2009 worked as a consultant and software engineer for various companies and organizations (Yaroslavl Regional Children center, Yaroslavl Regional Cadastral center “Zemlya”, Bechtel Power Corporation (Frederick, Maryland, USA) etc.).

Interests: differential equations, numerical methods, computational geometry.