Taras Panov


Education and degrees:

Doctor of Science degree, Moscow State University.
Title: “Topology and combinatorics of torus actions”, defended 25 December 2009.
(Doctor of science thesis is a profound scientific research work required for attaining highest academic positions or professorships in the former USSR.)
Candidate of Science degree (equivalent to PhD), Moscow State University.
Advisor: Prof. Victor M. Buchstaber.
Title: “Topological invariants of manifolds with Tn- or Z/p-action”, defended 11 June 1999.
Diploma of Higher Education (equivalent to MSc), Moscow State University.
Diploma cum laude, 1996.
Thesis: “Hopf 2-algebra structures in cohomology of manifolds, and duality properties”.

Employment history:

<dl >
October 2010—present time:

<dl >Professor, Faculty of Mathematics and MechanicsMoscow State University.September 2000—present time:Research fellow, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow.April 2008—present time:Leading research fellow, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.September 2005—July 2006:JSPS postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Mathematics, Osaka City University, Japan (host: Prof. Mikiya Masuda).February 2001—February 2002:Royal Society/NATO postdoctoral fellow, Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester, U.K (host: Prof. Nigel Ray).September 2001—September 2010:Docent (equivalent to associate professor), Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, MSU.September 1999—August 2001:Assistant professor, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, MSU.1997—1999:Junior research fellow, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, MSU.Research interests:

<span >Algebraic and differential topology (cobordism theories and genera, torus actions, homotopy theory), algebraic geometry (toric varieties), combinatorics and combinatorial geometry (polytopes, complexes, arrangements).

Honours and grants awarded:<dl >2011—2013:Prize and stipend of Dmitri Zimin's “Dynasty” foundation for young scientists with a Doctor of Science degree.2010:Moscow State University Shuvalov prize of I degree2009:Moscow State University Prize for young scientists.2007—2009:Pierre Deligne stipend (awarded as the winner of the 2006 Pierre Deligne contest; funded by P.Deligne's 2004 Balzan prize in Mathematics.)2005—2006:JSPS postdoctoral research fellowship, Department of Mathematics, Osaka City University (host: Prof. Mikiya Masuda).2005:London Mathematical Society grant for young Russian mathematiciansUniversity of Manchester.2004:Prize of the International Academic Publishing Company 'Nauka/Interperiodica' for the best publications in its journals.2004:Moscow Mathematical Society Prize for young mathematicians for the series of works “Invariants of manifolds with group actions”.2001, 2002, 2003:State Prize for young researchers, Russian Ministry of Nuclear Energy, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow.2001—2002:Royal Society/NATO postdoctoral research fellowship, Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester (host: Prof. Nigel Ray).1998—1999:Participated in the INTAS long-term research grant INTAS 96-0770.1996—present time:Ongoing participation in several research projects funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFFI) and the President of Russia's Grant Programme (grants 96-01-00054, 96-15-96027, 96-01-01404, 99-01-00090, 00-15-96011, 01-01-00546, 02-01-00659, 04-01-00702, 05-01-01032, 08-01-00541, 09-01-00142, 09-01-00239, 11-01-00694, 08-01-91855-KO, 10-01-92102-JF, 2185.2003.1, 4182.2006.1, 1824.2008.1, 5413.2010.1, MD-2253.2011.1).1994—1995:Participated in the long-term research grants M3Z000, M3Z300 of the International Soros Foundation.