Sergey Melikhov


Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (2001) and from a math class at Moscow State 57th School (1996).
Ph.D. from University of Florida (2005, adviser A. N. Dranishnikov) and another Ph.D.n(k.f.-m.n.) from Steklov Math. Institute (2004, adviser E. V. Shchepin); the two dissertations have no overlap in content.
From 2005: Research Fellow at Steklov Math. Institute, Moscow (Senior R.F. from 2008). In 2007–08 was a Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Tennessee.
Awards received include Möbuis Contest Prize (2000, Independent University of Moscow) and Russian Academy of Sciences Medal for Young Scientists (2006).

Research interests: Geometric topology, including: combinatorial topology and its foundations; links (modulo knots); topology of 2-polyhedra; piecewise-linear and topological embeddings; resolution of singularities of smooth maps and lifting of maps to embeddings; algebraic topology of Polish spaces and 0-dimensional groups.