Information for participants of the Summer School 2013

The Summer School will be held in the Center of Sport and Leisure “Demino”.
We recommend you to visit the website of this establishment (English version).

The map of the place:

We are going to use following objects (see labels on the map).
Lectures and seminars will take place in Press Center (5). Most of the students will live in the Sport-Hotel (33) and feed at the canteen of the Entertainment Complex (5). Most part of lecturers will live in cottages (5,6,…) and feed in the restaurant “Embankment” (9).

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Center of Sport and Leisure “Demino” is situated relatively far from local villages and cities. In the Center of Sport and Leisure and in its surroundings there are no shops.

The closest city to Demino is Rybinsk.

Schedule of busses from Rybinsk to Demino (in Russian)

The most convenient trains from Moscow to Yaroslavl are
#102Я (102Ya) – departure from Moscow at 7:35 am
#104Я (104Ya) - departure from Moscow at 2:45pm
From Yaroslavl to Moscow
#103Я (103Ya) – departure from Yaroslavl at 1:44 pm
#105Я (105Ya) – departure from Yaroslavl at 7:24 pm

There are no direct trains from Moscow to Rybinsk.
The most convenient way to travel from Yaroslavl (railway station Yaroslavl-Glavnyi) to the raiway station in Rybinsk – bus-express 500Э (500E). This bus departs every 30 minutes:

Special buses for participants
At the days of arrival and departure of participants we are going to provide buses departing from the railway station Yaroslavl-Glavnyi to Demino. Travel takes about 1.5-2 hours. Departure of buses will be in agreement with the time of arrival of trains mentioned above.
Buses Yaroslavl-Glavnyi – Demino
July 21
11:30am and 6:40pm
Buses Demino - Yaroslavl-Glavnyi
Ausust 2
4:40pm (arrives at Yaroslavl-Glavnyi at 6:30pm).
August 3
11:00am (arrives at Yaroslavl-Glavnyi at 12:50).

Please inform us about your travel plans!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to the organizers via e-mail:

Website of the School: